Do you have any regrets today?

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Do you have any regrets today?

Hmm.. Good question as always. It is 9:26 AM as of this writing and the only regret I have is that the moment my phone alarmed, I grabbed it and went back to bed to check it until past 8AM. I did that so I can search for a photo to post for my sister's birthday today. I know I can just greet her, but I know that she is worth the world's shout-out to be one of the most amazing person in the world out there. At least for my own little world. She is so amazing! I can go on for a list, and yet, she will always be more than the words I can think of. 


As soon as I got up from bed, I load up my laundry, made coffee, warmed up food and grabbed my laptop to resume editing some documents for our island school. Jhe always just blows my mind how she pulls off everything good and surpass every thing bad that happens in that school. For me, I seem to enjoy being on the background. But every now and then, it feels great to be in the spotlight. Maybe for my future piano skills. LOL. 

Today, I plan to focus on working on the Theories part of my paper. I have to work on it. I gotta work on it.

It is 9:43 and after a thousand messages from all over the place from different people, I am ready to get up, hang up the laundry and prep food for the day, go to the gym and work on my readings. 

For whatever happens today, I am hoping for no regrets onwards. 

Hump Wednesday, let's make it an awesome day. Shall we? 


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