What motivated you today?

 365 QOTD 

What motivated you today? 

There are days that I set these questions on Canva and every time, I have written something as I answer them in my head. I imagine myself having the ability to just always put my thoughts into words every single time. But I think, it is better that way. We choose those stories we want to immortalize. 

Today, I choose to immortalize. 

I woke up and was good at not going back to bed. But I still have to work on not lingering on my phone before I forcefully put down the phone to get on with my day. First with a cup of espresso and tuna mayo dip for crackers. I forgot the bananas. While packing up things, I had the airfyer going, the chilled rice on thaw at microwave and cookie butter on singles on a ziplock, 

Took a bath, packed up for the day and off I had gone! 

First stop was a private lesson with a young lad who seem to be so chill and relaxed and sometimes I wish I have the same demeanor. 

Next was a  virtual panel/resource speaker attendance at my graduate school's alumni congress. First ever and it was an honor. I can only wish that I really have imparted something vital. Coz honestly, July had been so exhausting. Driving from one place to another, totally broken routine and it is a struggle to keep things in order especially the essentials-- laundry, meal preps , workouts(?), and SLEEP! 

Then, real work started at 5pm. I was just so looking forward for it to end. 

I have longed to put my life in order, in somewhat progressive state no matter how small the rate of change is. And when it gets shaken, I am so scared that I will lose my balance again and be lost all over again. But I have learned to go with the flow without losing my sight of my goals. Sometimes, I lose sight, or wish I have no goals so that when I get lost, I have no regrets. But I would rather have goals, so I have reasons to keep trying to be better and keep failing but keep trying again and again. 

What motivated me today? .... I guess that news that we will finally have our own piece of land to be called our family home by January 2022. My main reason for working abroad was for us to afford a house and lot. Hopefully, on my fifth year, my siblings and I can work on that now. Now. 

Thank You Lord for the little miracles that you shower me. I always pray that I recognize each one of them. I don't want to miss a thing of Your Glory and Faithfulness in my life. 


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