It’s past bedtime and I just finished booking my flights!

On September 13, I will be taking 3 flights in one day. 

I already had set my heart that I won’t be able to join the first ever Asia Pacific Alumni Gathering in Bangkok in September.

I had already set my heart for a series of disappointments, self-pity party and just nothing else. Then, things just started pouring in.

God is just so good and the universe conspired.

A notice of a 5-day business trip to Tokyo by the end of August is like a post-birthday trip in itself. 

Flight seat sales came in, allowing me to be able to book very cheap-priced flights. I was also able to work with my manager about  my holidays.This was actually the hardest part of it all. I had been requesting changes with my summer holidays because I couldn't make up my mind. I have been trying to align it with a dear friend's holidays because I want to take a trip with him. I told him about my upcoming trip but I don't know if he can come along. I hope everything will really do fall in its rightful place eventually.

I am excited, because with this trip--

The convention it itself will be a refresher of how it feels to be with like-minded people and those pursuing equality in education for everybody.

I will be able to fulfill my dream of visiting Cambodia. I don’t know what is with that country that I really wanted to see it. Maybe my frustrations about Temple Run before or my fascination with history and old things and figures.

I will get to fulfill that yearly vow of meeting one of my dearest friends in the world, I also consider him as my mentor because his wisdom and humility are things I also want to have in my life.

Also, if schedules aligned, I will be able travel with somebody.

Yes, this is it. I hope to weave wonderful stories in it.