What was the last gathering you attended?

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What was the last gathering you attended?

A formal one? I can't even remember.
But every Saturday, I got this Freetalk Saturday event with my friends where I facilitate communication games and other good stuff for a great weekend break.


Today was bit slow at work and still it just went well. I was able to complete extra worksheets for the next 5 weeks for the kids again.

I was also surprised to receive an email from an NGO I partnered with last year for a mentoring program. They told me that the alumni student I used to mentor during the final months of her undergraduate program, had passed the licensure exam for teachers conducted April 2018. Quite a lovely surprise and a sort of affirmation that I think I am doing something good in my life of influencing other people.

I signed up for another mentoring program and I look forward to meeting another amazing young and promising person on the other line.

I am more excited about my Thailand trip next month than my upcoming 1 week trip to Tokyo by the end of August.

But there are still things that needed attending--- my hopes and assumptions. Since chances seem to be moving in my favor, I would need to always have my feelings and expectations in check because life is not perfect but its hopeful.

No matter what, I am grateful and will always be grateful for everything.


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    1. Children of Asia (ASPECA) Cebu City..... We did the mentoring via Skype and emails.


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