How much money is in your wallet right now?

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How much money is in your wallet right now?

Good question! 

I have 11,000 yen in paper bills and 510 yen coins. 


Speaking of money, the taxes to pay just came in! 

One for the car tax and another for the national health insurance tax. The car tax, I meant to pay with my monthly salary and the payment for the national health insurance will be pulled out from my savings. It will be a little bit of a challenge from now on as my taxes will be a little bit higher than it was before because for sure, I am now reported as an employed resident earning a certain amount. Gotta pay what we gotta pay. 


I went to yoga class today and stayed the afternoon at S's house. I have always liked his house. I imagine myself having that kind of house and a pet dog and/or a cat. Now, that I have a car, it is just easier to live in a place like that. But it can actually be really a bit of a downer when it's raining and you gotta wake up on a leaky roof. LOL. I came into his house with containers to catch the rainwater scattered all over the place. That comfy sofa is soaking, while the side of his bed is wet and it will probably be hard to sleep at night for him. 

He only have a few weeks left to suffer before he flies back to Canada and get re-started with his great Canadian life.  I am slowly letting it sink in to me because as soon as he flies thousand miles away from me, I know that it will be finally over. It is my own version of 500DS only that for me, it is 365DS. 

I just wanna be grateful for all the good things he had been. My favorite part will always be his cooking. Okay, the cuddling will always be on top of the list. I pray that I move on quickly and with the minimum pain that I could ever inflict on myself. 

He was the kind of boyfriend/partner I would wish for, but all the red flags are up and I would rather just take things as it is and learn from it. 

To be fair to my manifestations, I know I hoped for a friend. He was that kind of friend and a little bit more. And I am not in the position to ask for more than what a friend could ever offer. 

Lesson learned, I should be more specific now onto what I ask and who I ask for to the Universe. That I continually seek guidance in prayers. 

If one day, he comes back and things change and I am single and we would want to be in a romantic relationship with me, I would say Yes! But that is just like seeing a cow jump over the moon on a rainy night. 


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