Hump Wednesday.

This was me on a Tuesday. Just so happy to be outside and be lit with sunshine at a park close to my workplace. I was just so happy and calm and relaxed.

Then today is Wednesday.
It isn't called Hump Wednesday for nothing. Today started quite calm and slow. I opted to take the 2nd bus of the day only to experience for the bus not stopping at my bus stop. It was the first time it happened and I am pissed and mad and unforgiving both on myself and that driver. How on earth won't it not stop on that bus stop where eversince I started working in Kanoya has always been where I would get off and get on for a commute. It was unbelievable. I know I should have it past my senses now but I just feel so tired, drained and unsatisfied about how my day had gone. Also, I was with Nika who was on day off today and I felt like I robbed her off a part of her day because we missed that trip. 

It is 21:22 as I am writing this, in 21 minutes the speed train will take me back to Miyazaki and I cant wait to be just home, to shower, change in pajamas and get well-rested for tomorrow's adventure of completely possessing Blue Blink, my very first own car, in this lifetime. Thursday will always be my saving grace kind of day. Nothing can go wrong on a Thursday coz that's just how I feel about that day. 

I haven't exercised, haven't had any intake of my daily vitamins, just had my period, shifted routine for March and I just can't wait to go back home and detach myself from this phone and drink milk and have a goodnight sleep. 

At the end of the day, I did my job well. I survived and still be able to reflect on it. I will go back to this day as a humbling moment of how life will change for me as opportunities open up for me further coz I would be more mobilized and will be able to manage my time better since commuting will be one struggle I worked myself out from. 

Things will get better. 
Things do get better. 

I am nothing but grateful. 


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