14 Jan 2022

 One thing good about this type of writing, is that I don't have to think deep of a good title.  

The day itself becomes the title. 

I woke up feeling a little bit under the weather but still insisted on less than an hour drill of ropes. I think I am getting so much dopamine with the feeling of progress on it, slow and steady. 

But I got home, my body felt heavier and I just spent the afternoon laying bed, resting, napping, saving energy for my classroom battles for the day which actually ended with so much fun. 

In all those bad days I had, all I really needed was a good rest before the battle to give me energy to think on my toes appropriately for the situation. 

I have missed doing errands and I would like to blame the weather and I couldnt keep blaming the weather because in the coming weeks, it will be excruciatingly cold and if I dont do these things now, I will suffer. And I am already suffering at the moment. 

Despite the colds, it had been a Good Friday. 

PS. I have resumed correspondence with the guy I like but I dont think it is a consistent one, so might as well keep my heart on guard and my hopes at 0 level. 


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